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IRF-900 - Speed controller


Speed controller

Single-phase (230V / 50Hz), 11-degree (230,220,210, ..., 140,130,120 V) thyristor rotation speed controller, for use in industrial environments (IP 54), available in surface-mounted version.
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IRF-900 - single-phase (230 V / 50 Hz) eleven-stage thyristor regulator, for use in difficult environmental conditions; solid aluminum housing IP 54 and flat control buttons. Device for surface mounting.

Regulator equipped with optical signaling of operation and currently set gear. Possibility to start the fan with the starting phase (temporary voltage boost).


Speed regulators can only work with fans adapted to speed control in one of the above-mentioned ways.

All thyristor regulators can cause engine noise at reduced speed. Due to the deterioration of engine cooling at reduced revs - it is not recommended to lower the engine speed below 50% of the nominal value or, if possible, to use external cooling.

Technical data

  • Electric supply
    230 V / 50 Hz
  • Fan power
    90 ÷ 900 W
  • Type of regulation
    11-stage, 10 V stroke
  • Intensity
    0.4 ÷ 4 A.
  • IP protection
  • Dimensions
    79 x 123 x 57 mm
  • Temp. work
    -15 ° C ÷ + 40 ° C
  • Stuffing boxes
    2x M20x1.5 (Ø7-12 mm)

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