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GMT - Motor guard


Motor guard

Covers protect motor from the impact of weather conditions (e.g. rain, snow, excessive sun exposure). Assembly with screws directly to the fan’s shield.
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Covers protect the fan motor against weather conditions (rainfall, excessive sunlight). Screw mounting directly to the fan disc.


The covers are made of high quality aluzinc sheet. Depending on the size, they are produced in 2 different versions.

For smaller units GMT60, GMT80, GMT100, GMT130, GMT200, GMT300, round covers with an embossing stiffening the structure are used. On the larger GMT500, GMT700, GMT900, GMT1200, GMT1500 models, the covers are two-piece and have a hexagonal shape.

On request, it is possible to make covers of other materials.

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Type L R
  mm mm
GMT 60-80 250 140
GMT 100-130 295 175
GMT 200-400 300 186
Type L A H
  mm mm mm
GMT 500 360 370 212
GMT 600-800 400 465 290
GMT 900 500 720 395
GMT 1200 500 565 285
GMT 1500 580 848 420

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